19. Infinite Entropy. This Problem Shows That The Entropy Of A Discrete Random Variable

19. Infinite Entropy. This Problem Shows That The Entropy Of A Discrete Random Variable. Get college assignment help at Smashing Essays 19. Infinite entropy. This problem shows that the entropy of a discrete random variable can be infinite. Let A 2(n log2 n)-1. (It is easy to show that A is finite by by the integral of (rlog2r)1.) Show that the integer- bounding the infinite sum valued random variable X defined by Pr(X = n) = (An log2 n)-1 for n = 2, 3, …, has H(X) o0.

Assume The Switch Has Been Connected To Circuit B At Time T 0s. Determine

Assume the switch has been connected to circuit b at time t 0s. Determine e (t) for t> 0s. for a very long time before switching to circuit t 0 b -W 1 mF i(t) 5 0 10 mA Ω 2Ω 3Ω 4 V Figure : Circuit Diagram for Problem 1

URGENT!! This Is A Timed Question. I’m Needing Help On This Problem, Please Provide

uRGENT!! This is a timed question. I’m needing help on this problem, Please provide all steps, I will rate 🙂

E) Vouet Find SK Vout 117 CoK E) (ok Vont Tu Sk -S WYp

E) Vouet Find sK Vout 117 coK E) (ok Vont Tu Sk -S wYp w

Respons Of System Y(n) Find The 1-Impulse 2-Unit Step 3-X(n)=10cos(45n) And H(z) Is H(Z)

respons of system y(n) Find the 1-Impulse 2-Unit step 3-X(n)=10cos(45n) And h(z) is H(Z) 1-z^-2 /1 07225z^-2

Find The Tesponse Of Syste My(n) 1-Impulse 2-Unit Step 3-X(n) 10cos(45n) And H(z) Is

Find the Tesponse of syste my(n) 1-Impulse 2-Unit step 3-X(n) 10cos(45n) And h(z) is H(z) 1/1 zA-1 z^-2

Question 2 Power Supplies, Machines, Power Electronics A) The DC Power Supply Below Is

Question 2 Power Supplies, Machines, Power Electronics a) The DC power supply below is connected to a 110 V RMS, 50 Hz AC mains. The transformer has turns ratio N N2 10 1, and the diodes have forward voltage drop 0.7 V and the regulator has dropout voltage 1.8 V. We require Vi – 5 V N QU 4-2A GND 110 V ms 50 Hz OA R V N. iv. What is the minimum value of C to ensure the power supply can deliver 2 A with Vi 5 V?-/2 v. If we use C 4700 F, what is the average value of v? vi. If we use C 4700 F and the power supply is delivering 2 A at 5 V, how much power is dissipated in the voltage regulator on average? 2

A2 201 3 (a) Explain, With The Aid Of Constellation Diagrams If Necessary, What

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A2 2nd Year 2010 3. A Continuous System With Transfer Function 0.1 G(s) 0.1

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1.20 Use MATLAB To Plot The DT Signals X2, X4, X6 OO E 6[k-m]

1.20 Use MATLAB to plot the DT signals x2, x4, x6 OO E 6[k-m] x2[k] m 0 x4[k] ucos(Tk/8)]; [k] = |k (u[k 4] – u[k- 4]).

If We Imagine The Earth’s Surface To Be Marked Off In Latitude And Longitude.please

Get college assignment help at Smashing Essays if we imagine the earth’s surface to be marked off in latitude and longitude.please calculate the area of the earth that lying between latitude 50N and 60N and longitude 12 W and 27 W, if the earth’s radius is 6,371

I Need To Build An Alarm Clock In System Verilog Using The Following Module

I need to build an alarm clock in System Verilog using the following module name and inputs/outputs: module alarm_clock(input CLK_2Hz, reset, time_set, alarm_set, sethrs1min0, run_clock, activatealarm, alarmreset, runset, output logic [7:0] sec, min, hrs, min_alrm, hrs_alrm, output logic alrm); endmodule I am confident I can build a testbench if someone can help me set up the module I need to instantiate

Input An](0.5)”-2u[n – 2] (a) Consider Impulse Response H[n] = U[n – 2]. Determine

input an](0.5)”-2u[n – 2] (a) Consider impulse response h[n] = u[n – 2]. Determine the output of the system yn][n] h[n], and plot it (b) Let rna”u[n] and h[n B”un], with a 3. Determine y In] = r[n] * h[n]. 1. to an LTI system with an

2. A Linear System S Has The Following Relationship Between Its Output Y N]

2. A linear system S has the following relationship between its output y n] and input rn]: y[n] = -00x[k]g{n-2k], where g[n] = u[n] – uп – 4. (a) Determine y[n] when r[n]= S[n – 1] (b) Determine y[n] when x[n] = d[n – 2] (c) Is S an LTI system? (d) Determine yln] when r[n] = u[n].

14. Iven Poivt CC3, T,) And DC5/2, T For Ansh Er The Following Questios

14. iven poivt CC3, T,) and DC5/2, T for ansh er the following questios 14.1 Fnd the vector n spheri cel component 14.2 Fnd the veetor in cylindrical compon on’t 14.9 Find he vectoy Rpe InCyladrleal componeit 14.4 ind the 4 ‘e vector Roc m sprenicel component

ROBLEM 2(10points) A Second Order Closed Loop System Response For Unit Step Input As

ROBLEM 2(10points) A second order closed loop system response for unit step input as shown in the figure below, anwer the following question. Note that the final value is equal to 2. 4 Time I Figure 1.The system time response a- What is the system type? b-What is the maximum peak time? c- What is the maximum peak value? c- What is the system damping ration ? d- What is the system natural frequency? d- What is the settling time using 2 % criteria? e- What is the system transfer function ? d- What is the steady state error? f- If there is a non-zero error how the problem can be solved? fwl x


HEHASHEMTE UNIVERSE YOF ENGINEERING TRONICS ENGINEERING Minutes For the mechanical system shown in the figure, where one flywheel (J) is attached by a flexible shaft (K) to ground (the unmoving wall) and has an applied torque, t. A second flywheel (Ja) is driven by friction between the two flywheels (B). The second flywheel also has friction to the ground (B) FOrO P 4. The dynamical equation that describe the first flywheel (01) angular motion 0 is : A. J B,, K,0,-B,0, B. Jo B,K,0,-B,- C. J B, K,0, B,0- D. None of them 5. The dynamical equation that describe the second flywheel (32) angular velocity w is: J,w, (B, B)w, B,w,-0 J (B, B,, ,- B, w, 0 JW (B,-B,)u,-B,w, 0 None of them A. B. C. D.

1. Coin Flips. A Fair Coin Is Flipped Until The First Head Occurs. Let

1. Coin flips. A fair coin is flipped until the first head occurs. Let X denote the number of flips required. (a) Find the entropy H(X) in bits. The following expressions may be useful: ΣΤ’ (1-r)2 n 0 n 0 (b) A random variable X is drawn according to this distribution. Find an “efficient” sequence of yes-no questions of the form, “Is X contained in the set S?” Compare H(X) to the expected number of questions required to determine X

12. Example Of Joint Entropy. Let P(r, Y) Be Given By 0 1 X

12. Example of joint entropy. Let p(r, y) be given by 0 1 X 0 3 3 0 Find (а) Н(X), Н(Ү). (b) Н(X|Ү), Н(Y | X). (с) Н(Х, Ү). (а) H(Ү) — Н(Ү| X). (е) 1(X;Ү). (f) Draw a Venn diagram for the quantities in (a) through (e) 13. Inequality. Show In r 1- for r>0

18. World Series. The World Series Is A Seven-game Series That Terminates As Soon

18. World Series. The World Series is a seven-game series that terminates as soon as either team wins four games. Let X be the random variable that represents the outcome of a World Series between teams A and B; possible values of X are AAAA, BABABAB, and BBBAAAA. Let Y be the mumber of games played, which ranges from 4 to 7. Assuming that A and B are equally matched and that the games are independent calenlate H(X), Н(Ү), Н(YX), and H(xY).


LTY OF ENGINEERING F MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING BLEM 1 (10points) Select the best answer choice for each question below and mark vour answer in the provided table Question 2 4 4 Choice I. The poles of a second order closed-loop system are P–11.then the sysem is A. Over damped B. under damped C. critically damped D. None of them 2. The electromotive force (the induced voltage) in de motor depends on: A. Armature current B. Armature resistor and inductor values C. DC motor speed D. None 3. If the final value for first order system shown below equal to( 0.16) due to r-2, the gain K is Y(s) K R(s) Ts 1 A. 0.16 B. 0.84 C. 0.19 D. None of them

19. Infinite Entropy. This Problem Shows That The Entropy Of A Discrete Random Variable