8-1 Short Answer: Religion in the Media

8-1 Short Answer: Religion in the Media.

Search online for a news report about an artifact from the humanities involved in a religious controversy, and answer the following questions. Consider searching the religion section of CNN or similar sources.

Provide a link to the news story and write a short (1-2 paragraph) summary of each side’s position.

How do you think the controversy was impacted by each party’s interpretation of this artifact?

This activity is graded based on completion.

2 separate assignment i need them done by tomorrow i need someone who can reply fast and give me work based on the assignment. the first assignment requires to use the BJS website: https://bjs.ojp.gov/data/data-collections/search the second one is looking to base it on 2 peer review papers and the website is https://library.phoenix.edu/home

assignment 1: sit the All Data Collections page on the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) website. Review the criminal justice information and topics listed on that page and choose 1 that you would like to use for your analysis topic in this assignment. Note: When you click on your selected topic on the All Data Collections page, ensure that the next page you arrive at on that website for your chosen topic has a data table available (i.e., robust information, report links, and details for you to work with for this assignment). Use your selected topic to develop a: Research question Hypothesis Write a 700- to 1,050-word report using your selected research topic that discusses: The specific topic you are analyzing Why you chose that topic The research question you developed The hypothesis you developed Cite the source where you located the BJS topic summary and data tables to support your assignment. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Assignment 2: Research is instrumental in the field of criminal justice, whether it’s for solving crime, determining suspects, or using statistics and financial tracking to help create programs and outreach programs within communities. This week, you have learned about research models and the ethical variables you may encounter in the future. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you: Describe research models that can be used in criminal justice research. Identify which type of research model you feel is most compatible. Provide an example to support your choice. Explain why ethics are important in criminal justice research. Provide examples. Explain informed consent and confidentiality. Why are they important? Include examples. Identify and discuss a criminal justice topic, program, or process that has ethical concerns. Recommend how the ethical concerns might be addressed. Cite 2 peer-reviewed references in your paper to support the items you were asked to address. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.[supanova_question]

Phases 1-4 ( Accomplish Seven (A7)Challenge )

Law Assignment Help Accomplish Seven (A7)ChallengeThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports more than 300,000 scientists in universities and research institutions across the United States and abroad. The NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER) provides assistance to scientists applying for research funding — an essential step to achieving medical discovery. The process through which funding is attained is built on numerous federal policies and procedures. Each year, OER hosts two NIH Regional Seminars on Program Funding and Grants Administration. At each seminar, in the course of three days, more than 30 NIH and HHS staff members are brought to a central location to educate, share and listen to hundreds of administrators, graduate students, and anyone interested in the grants administration process.The seminar serves as a venue to demystify the funding application process and clarify federal regulations and policies. Since 2008, Ripple Effect has provided project management and coordination support for five NIH Regional Seminars.SolutionRipple Effect utilized our comprehensive event management approach to coordinate all of the moving pieces of these events. The four phased approach involves:• Phase 1: Development – Initial concept design; define purpose, objectives, format and overall vision for the event. Develop event specifications guide.• Phase 2: Pre-Event Coordination – Agenda development, budget creation, site research and selection, website development, speaker management, communication/outreach, and materials design and printing.• Phase 3: On-site Coordination – Venue set-up, vendor/exhibitor set-up, registration/information desk, program execution, volunteer coordination and dismantle process.• Phase 4: Post-Event Coordination – Budget reconciliation; distribute thank you letters, final report and evaluation.We identified OER’s operational and programmatic objectives, and gathered the event specifications. With this information we were able to create an event work plan, including the event time line and tasks list, to achieve the event objectives. We held regular planning meetings with OER leadership, and coordinated logistics and communications with speakers, exhibitors, volunteers, and attendees.How would you go about solving this challenge? Was the solution above the best solution? What would you have done differently?[supanova_question]

One main criminal characteristic and an important one is deviance. Although deviance can start as Essay

One main criminal characteristic and an important one is deviance. Although deviance can start as behaviors that violate social norms it becomes a criminal characteristic when these behaviors violate laws. Violating a social norm can look as innocent as standing too close to a stranger. A deviant behavior would be standing so close to someone that you steal their wallet or other belongings. Deviant behaviors that violate social norms have the ability to change along with society over time. What might once have been constituted as a social norm violation could become a violation of an actual law. For example the concept of picking up after ones dog was once just a social norm however now since that social norm has been violated one too many times it is now a violation of the law to not pick up after ones dog and it is a finable offense. Criminal profiling or identifying ones behavioral and psychological traits helps human services professionals to determine illegal behaviors in a person. Thus, helping them to solve crimes that have been committed.[supanova_question]

8-1 Short Answer: Religion in the Media