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A big majority of the 10 ten things to remember if you want to sore like an eagle I can relate to

A big majority of the 10 ten things to remember if you want to sore like an eagle I can relate to.

A big majority of the 10 ten things to remember if you want to sore like an eagle I can relate to. Each and every one of them describes what you must do, face, or accomplish to be successful in real estate. You will not use or experience them all at once however, if you stick to the business and continue to want to achieve and be successful, you eventually will. If you eliminate all the horrible vultures and other subspecies with unprofessional actions, and  follow the action and guidance of the highest and noblest soarers and always conduct your affairs in a manner befitting a national symbol is what resonate with me the most (Edward, 2006). This one stood out to me the most because I try to surround myself with good positive people anyways. So, if I do that in my work place, there is no where I can go besides up. A real estate agent is like an eagle. Eagles travel alone, think and evaluate every situation they are in before acting, and they are also one of the most respected species out there. I wish to be the same, I want to be able to handle myself alone, I want to be smart about every situation I put myself into, and I was to be respected as a person and as an agent. I want my clients to be able to trust me, I want clients and other agents to respect me, and I want to carry myself and the agency I work for in a bright manner.
The two top things on my list would be if at first you fail to soar – fly, fly again; and Map out a flight plan before you take off and learn to soar in both good weather and bad, but avoid tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning storms, and large airborne objects with “Boeing” written on the side (Edwards, 2006). Starting any new career or profession, you are taking a risk just like eagles do when they fly. There will always be ups and downs in the real estate world but as long as you stay positive you can overcome anything. Making a plan and sticking to it is important, but having a backup plan is also essential just in case the first plan falls through. Being prepared is key to making sure you don’t fail if things do start to go downhill with the real estate world.
Jessica –  121
I’m sad that this course is coming to an end! I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Out of the Top 10 Things to Remember if You Want to Soar Like an Eagle, I found that the 1st and 8th tip to resonate with me the most. The 8th tip is “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb— after you’ve invested a few dollars in soaring lessons” (Edwards, pg. 211). This resonates with me because I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a hard time straying from the norm when it comes to my job. It is reassuring to know that the author of our text recommends this. I think this will be helpful in my Real Estate career because I already know that I will be trying to become as knowledgeable as possible, but I also need to be able to put that knowledge to good use and not be scared to do so.
The second tip that resonated with me was the 1st tip. It is “If at first you fail to soar— fly, fly again” (Edwards, pg. 211). I remember at some point in our book, Edwards stated that the first year of Real Estate is the hardest, and since reading that I have been super nervous about diving in, but it is always important to pick yourself up and keep trying. It was hard choosing only two out of the ten tips because I think that they are all really helpful and reassuring.
Tiffany :  220
Hello class! This week, for my final Forum, I chose to write about, how I think CDF’s should be apart of the future exams. The reason I think this is because, those, are by far, one of the hardest things, I’ve ever had to do. I mean, when I first saw it, I felt very overwhelmed, and actually decided to give up, at that moment . Although, I eventually gave it another try, this is one of those types of things, that you can never get too much practice of. CDF’s are a type of tool, that are used everyday, in the world of real estate, and there is no way, it can be avoided. I think by them being on exams in the future, it will cause a person to really challenge themselves, as far as what they know, and what more they need to learn. I know this is a big part of the real estate process, so it’s something that has to be put as a priority. There are a lot of terms, and topics we covered, throughout the semester, but most of them, are fairly easy to understand. You can learn from them, just by reading them. I know many people feel like me, when it comes to CDF’s. They want no part of them. Only advice I have for myself, and other’s is to keep on going, and never give up. With that being said, I wish all of you, the best of luck going forward.
Ed –  220
This is a review of Chapters 8 through 10. You as the student are in charge of this discussion. As always, I will participate and guide the forum.
1. In your initial post uploaded by Thursday of this week, please write a 250 word minimum essay question that covers at least 1 topic that you believe should be on a written examination of those chapters.
Overall, the question I would ask is “Explain the process of obtaining a home loan.” I think this is critical to Real Estate Finance. Whether you plan on working in Real Estate Finance or if you plan on becoming a homeowner, broker, salesperson, investor, or any other real estate career this is the fundamental thing that happens in nearly every real estate transaction. This basic (yet complicated) process of obtaining a mortgage will be encountered my millions of Americans. It makes sense for people to understand the process. How many mortgage defaults could have been avoided if the borrowers had a basic understanding of the lending process. The idea of lending institutions insisting on borrowers taking a course on home ownership is not without merit. It’s similar to a lender of a car loan insisting that the borrower has basic driver competency. If borrowers knew more about the home owning process it would be a win across the board. They would understand how their mortgage worked and appreciate the importance of making their payments. They would understand how the escrow works and property insurance and taxes. All of these basic concepts are key to becoming a successful home owner.
When I purchased my first home I knew next to nothing about my mortgage. I didn’t understand why it was sold to the secondary market (didn’t even know what the secondary market was at the time). Fortunately, I never fell victim to predatory lending or had any issues with the process of buying my home. Others have not been so lucky. It is for this reason that understanding the process of obtaining a home loan is the most important question for people to understand.

A big majority of the 10 ten things to remember if you want to sore like an eagle I can relate to

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