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Annotated Bibliography – Engineering Research – Literature Assessment

Annotated Bibliography – Engineering Research – Literature Assessment.


In this assessment task you will be required to conduct a literature search on a self-proposed topic within the
scope of engineering to produce an annotated bibliography. This bibliography will be based on the systematic
and explicit identification, evaluation and interpretation of the existing engineering research related to your topic.
In order to be successful, you will: demonstrate digital literacy skills, access the most relevant and up-to-date
literature associated with your topic and disseminate it in a fashion which clearly and explicitly discusses the
literature found. When conducting this work, you should primarily consider content from peer-reviewed journal
and conference articles; however, you may also consult: patents, government manuals and reports, authentic
internet resources, various standards (including Australian standards) and published posters, provided they are
credible sources and their use can be justified. Your paper should demonstrate the correct use of citations and
a subsequent reference list, according to engineering research standards.

This assessment item should form the basis for your research toward preparing Assessment Item 2. It is
strongly advised that you work on both assessment items simultaneously.

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The marks for Assessment Item 1 will be broken down as follows:

• Introduction

– Has introduced an engineering topic well and concisely (only introduces 1 topic, uses literature, is
pitched at an appropriate level)
– Written using appropriate technical language
– Is of appropriate length

• Each Bibliography Item of a Credible Reference

– Introduction sentence which clearly states the aim of the paper
– A clear description of the methodology the paper employs
– A short discussion of the contribution the paper made to the field
– The paper is relevant to the topic and is appropriate (i.e. up-to-date and from a credible resource)                              – The item is of appropriate length

• The document is well formatted and used a consistent font and style

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Annotated Bibliography – Engineering Research – Literature Assessment

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