Business Decision Making

Assessment criteria for coursework:
• This assignment tests all learning outcomes to a certain extent.
• Any diagrams etc may be appended and will not be included in the word count

• A good answer will demonstrate a wide range of reading around the subjects/topics (including some from other modules where appropriate) and a careful application of relevant and appropriate techniques.

The module has the following Learning Outcomes:
• 1: Demonstrate the application of strategic management concepts and techniques to ‘real life’ situations, in particular how organisations respond to change and the consideration of the future of organisations and the external environment in which they operate (GBM 3.2)
• 2: Analyse and discuss competitive forces and influences in the business environment using case based material. The emphasis is on the application of theories and rational analysis and other approaches to decision making within organisations and in relation to the external environment. (GBM 3.6)
• 3: Evaluate different approaches to strategy formulation/implementation (using case based material) and make appropriate recommendations. (GBM 3.7)
• 4: Analyse and synthesise information and think critically.
• 5: Select and apply appropriate methodologies.
• 6: Communicate the results of analysis in both written and oral form.
• 7: Work both independently and as a member of a team.

Assignment Title

Read the TWO cases: M&S (‘A’ and ‘B’) – these cases are in the ‘Strategic Management Casebook’ found in ‘files’, ‘assignment’.

  1. Identify and discuss the various problems experienced by M&S ( ie. WHY did they suffer a ‘hitch in the formula’ ? (case A – p.29, case B – p.43)
  2. Identify (name) and evaluate the various strategies pursued by M&S (from p.28 ‘New Style’) and assess the success of those strategies.

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