case study (mgmt)

case study (mgmt).

Case Analysis

In this case study; you’re expected to research and investigate the strategy that a local company of your choice is using to stay on the top of the game and successfully compete against other companies in the market. This should include all levels of strategy; business, corporate and international. You should highlight what they are doing well and what they should work on to improve company performance. 

You need to support your argument with at least 10 academic and nonacademic references. You can also compare between the company of your choice and another company to evaluate its strategy.

Examples of Canadian companies would be SNC-Lavalin, Canadian Goose, Shopify, Suncor, Encana, CGI Inc., Linamar, Canfor, Lulu lemon, Maple Leaf Foods, Blackberry, and Bombardier.

Using APA, you are expected to write no less than 3500 words. You are expected to present it in class using PPT. 

Discussion module 7

Discussion Prompt

You have just sat through an informative lecture in your managerial accounting class about the net present value (NPV). However, one of your classmates leaned over to tell you that he is still unclear about this theory and would like for you to provide a summary of what this concept is all about and why it is so important. Explain to your classmate the key arguments for using NPV over other capital investment approaches and why it is the preferred method for making decisions about long-term investment opportunities.

Business Law

Management Assignment Help Ed, a business person is a friend of Fran, the owner of a candy story. Every day, Ed spends a few minutes in Fran’s candy store, looking at the candy and usually buying one or two candy bars or other candy. One afternoon, Ed went in the store, looked at the candy, picked up a $1 candy bar, waved the candy bar at Fran without saying a word and left the store.

Is there an enforceable contract between Ed and Fran? Why or why not?

If there is a contract, what type of contract and how was it formed, specifically?

Which is the contract Fran [supanova_question]

Analyze the Various Types of HRM Policies

Through your research, you have completed your analysis of the impact human resource management has on policy and the implementation of a dress policy conveying the conduct that is expected to be followed. The creative implementation of employee ideas through a policy suggestion program also promotes efficiency.

For this assignment, you are serving as the new vice president of an HRM division. You’re tasked by the president to compare an external organization of choice that you are familiar with and analyze three policies and how they are implemented within the organization. While this is a new assignment, the opportunity to better understand policy and implementation will provide you with insight to make internal decisions to policy for your organization in the future. You must analyze your findings of the external organization.

This analysis also will assist you with understanding the implementation of policies within organizations by allowing you to make needed suggestions for improvement. You must present your findings to the executive team, along with recommendations for improvement.

Prepare a policy implementation presentation that addresses the following points:

Describe the issues and challenges you encountered in your investigation and the impact it has on the organization.

Describe how you will gain the buy-in of the executive team and how you will communicate the recommended change(s).

Length: 5-7 slides, not including title and reference slides

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. 

case study (mgmt)