Operations Management

Operations Management.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

1. Some people tend to use the terms effectiveness and efficiency interchangeably, though we’ve seen they are different concepts.  Is there any relationship at all between them?  Can a firm be effective, but inefficient?  Very efficient, but essentially ineffective?  Both?  Neither?  Support your answer with references.

Your initial post should be in APA format with at least two cited references.

Week 6 Discussion Global Issues


Task A) Respond to the following statements using the Hite chapter readings, other course material and external credible resources.  It is imperative to provide full reference sources for this discussion.

Where do most of the world’s hungry live? Be specific.

Using your Week 6 assignment developing countries, or two newly selected developing countries from the World Bank 2020 List (Course Info), discuss specific food insecurity issues for those countries. Is there a difference between “food insecurity” and “hunger” in these countries.  Explain.

Discuss (in detail) some potential consequences and benefits of using biotechnologies in developing countries

discussion question

Management Assignment Help In the land of free trade, the public does not view all industries as equal. Do you believe that is ethical? Do you believe that some industries are unfairly targeted? Should it be consumers’ choice to partake in products that are not healthy for them, or do those companies have an ethical obligation to protect people? 

Week 6 Discussion

Please respond to the following:

Using the Internet, research acquisitions that are currently underway and choose one of these acquisitions to discuss. Based on the firms’ characteristics and experiences and the reasons cited to support the acquisition, do you feel it will result in increased strategic competitiveness for the acquiring firm? Why or why not?

Of the problems that affect the success of an acquisition, which one do you believe is the most critical in the global economy? Why? What should firms do to make certain that they do not experience such a problem when they use an acquisition strategy?

Operations Management

Evidence collection policy

Evidence collection policy.

Create a policy that ensures all evidence is collected and handled in a secure and efficient manner. Remember, you are writing a policy, not procedures. Focus on the high-level tasks, not the individual steps.

Description of information required for items of evidence

Documentation required in addition to item details (personnel, description of circumstances, and so on)

Description of measures required to preserve initial evidence integrity

Description of measures required to preserve ongoing evidence integrity

Controls necessary to maintain evidence integrity in storage

Documentation required to demonstrate evidence integrity

Week -15 Case Study – Genex Fuels Case Study

Read the Project Management Technology at Genex Fuels Case Study on pages 333-335 in the textbook.

Answer the Discussion Questions at the end of the Case Study.

Be sure to use the UC Library for scholarly research. Google Scholar is also a great source for research. Please be sure that journal articles are peer-reviewed and are published within the last five years.

The paper should meet the following requirements:

3-5 pages in length (not including title page or references)

APA guidelines must be followed. The paper must include a cover page, an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

A minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles.

The writing should be clear and concise. Headings should be used to transition thoughts. Don’t forget that the grade also includes the quality of writing.

Bi 2

Computer Science Assignment Help APAformat

0. Go to theinternetofthings.eu and find information about the IoT Council. Write a summary of it.

1. Compare the IoT with regular Internet.

2. Discuss the potential impact of autonomous vehicles on

our lives.

3. Why must a truly smart home have a bot?

4. Why is the IoT considered a disruptive technology?


0. Go to theinternetofthings.eu and find information about the IoT Council. Write a summary of it.
1. Compare the IoT

0. Go to theinternetofthings.eu and find information about the IoT Council. Write a summary of it.

1. Compare the IoT with regular Internet.

2. Discuss the potential impact of autonomous vehicles on

our lives.

3. Why must a truly smart home have a bot?

4. Why is the IoT considered a disruptive technology?


Evidence collection policy

W7: Security Threat Groups (STGs)

W7: Security Threat Groups (STGs).

Just as gangs pose a threat to law enforcement agencies in free society, Security Threat Groups (STGs) pose a threat to the security of an incarceration facility for correctional agencies. The same individuals that are members of gangs in free society comprise the membership of a STG in prison.

In your initial response, define what constitutes a STG in an incarceration facility. Next, discuss the reasons why inmates that were not part of a gang in free society may decide to join a STG while incarcerated. Finally, identify at least one strategy that correctional administrators might implement to control and monitor STGs within a correctional facility.

Summarizing Pollution

Briefly summarize the human ecology topic from your research paper. This is what must be done Discuss your pre-existing mental model (your opinion or thoughts on the problem or solution prior to your research) and if your mental model has been altered by the presentation of a different perspective based on factual information. 

All of the following are true about Custer’s Last Stand except:

All of the following are true about Custer’s Last Stand except:

A. Custer and all of his men in the 7th Cavalry died  

B. Sitting Bull as well as Custer died in the battle

C. Custer was heavily outnumbered by Lakota and Cheyenne warriors 

D. Custer was supposed to locate the Indians and not engage 

8-2 Assignment: The Future of American Law Enforcement and the Community It Serves

Writing Assignment Help Based on what you have learned from this course and Ferguson and the Future of Community Relations, write a paper that describes the relationship between law enforcement and community in Ferguson and your recommendations to improve that relationship. Support your statements with the text or external research material.

https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/gary-indiana-improving-community-police-relations (Ferguson Info)

APA References

carefully this a 2 part paper… part 1 and 3 have different prompts so it’s basically 2 papers in one but DO NOT combine the prompts .. i need this donr before 11 tonight … i will through in an extra tip as well

Part 1: What theories exist to help explain or predict whether or not we are satisfied with a spectator or service experience? Let me provide you some additional information in case you don’t know what a theory is. What we are basically talking about for this topic is describing a psychological theory or maybe describing more than one psychological theory that we use to explain or predict spectator satisfaction with sporting events. A psychological theory is more than a guess. A theory is developed from a collection of evidence that allows us to explain or predict why people will think or act in a particular way. Your task is to research a psychological theory that has been applied to sport spectators or other consumer behaviors, describe the theory, and then explain how we can use our knowledge of this theory to explain or predict spectators satisfaction with a sporting event experience. I’ll give you a tip. Start your search in either google or google scholar. You may start by searching “theories of consumer satisfaction” from there you may apply a theory or theories to a sport spectator setting. You may also want to narrow your search by searching for “theories of sport spectator satisfaction”. The essays will be evaluated for content, format, and writing quality. The content of the topic paper consists of the student’s knowledge, based upon their reading and research, of the topic prompt. Papers should include a minimum of 6 original sources. At least 3 of these sources should be from peer-reviewed or scholarly journals. Additional information about peer-reviewed or scholarly articles is included in this short video, What is a Scholarly Journal?, also located in the important course information module. The essay format should include the following: a minimum of two double spaced pages with 1” margins on all sides; required text and/or other sources to support the responses to the prompt; and information that is not the student’s original work or thoughts must be cited in text and be included on the references page. Take care not to plagiarize the sources that you use. Additional information on avoiding plagiarism is included in this short video, Plagiarism: How to Avoid it!, also available in the important course information module. The APA 6th edition formatting guide should be used throughout the paper. The quality of writing will be evaluated based upon the presence of a clear introduction and conclusion, accurate spelling, standard grammar usage, and proper punctuation. Part 2 :You are expected to research and provide a written paper outlining your plan for the following scenario. You are approached by the Pensacola Ice Flyers and asked to develop and implement a plan to measure and evaluate their fan satisfaction. The Ice Flyers want the plan to be based on established principles and best practices. They are not paying you to design a plan based upon your opinions as a senior Sport Management student. The Ice Flyers want the plan to describe the following; What are the key indicators of a satisfied fan? What aspects of the spectator sport experience determine whether or not a fan will leave satisfied or unsatisfied? What instrument will you use to collect fan satisfaction data or what questions will you ask? Why have you chosen this instrument or these questions? Finally, provide an example of how they can use the data you collect to increase fan satisfaction. The paper should be based upon what you have learned by researching and writing your topic papers. The topic papers were designed to give you enough foundational knowledge to attack the Ice Flyers’ task. You will certainly have these papers as a resource and are welcome to use the information you collected. If you want to use portions of your topic papers to contribute to your research paper you are welcome to do so. You will need to cite yourself. If you include something you previously used you can simply add (Ruckman, 2018). However, you must be careful! The purpose of this final paper is to demonstrate you can synthesize (blend) everything you have learned about this topic and apply it in the real world. If you copy much of what you have already written it will not be synthetic. You will fail. Requirements: Your ideas need to be supported by existing literature. Papers should include a minimum of 10 sources (yes they can be the same ones you used for topic papers). At least 5 of these sources should be from peer reviewed or scholarly journals. Citing yourself does not count towards these totals. Sources should be properly cited using APA format both in text and on the reference page. The paper should be a minimum of 5 double-spaced pages, a 1” margin on all 4 sides of the pages, and 12-point font. Reference pages, cover pages, or any identifying information you include on the page will not count towards the required minimum page count. An excellent paper will include a thorough discussion of the topic questions. See the posted rubric for further grading information. To assist you in getting started, because I’m a nice guy, I am providing a sample outline. If I were writing this paper it would look something like the following, but feel free to go in your own direction. Introduction Introduce what the paper will be about and what the reader can expect to read. What is the point of the paper and why should the ice flyers be interested in reading it? What are the primary sections of the paper and what will each section include? Fan Satisfaction This section would be used to introduce the concept of fan satisfaction, define fan satisfaction, as you will be using it, and explain why we should care about fan satisfaction. You are basically, defining the terms and stating the case for why your new job should exist. Methods This is where you will need to state the how and why of your plan. What tools, measurements, instruments, or questions will you use? How will you administer them? Why have you chosen these methods and why should we believe they will work? Application Describe for us how you see these effecting the operations of our franchise? Provide us with at least one example of how we might be successful, using your methods and data, in creating a more satisfied fan. What are some plausible outcomes we can expect from implementing your system? Conclusion Wrap it all up. What did you describe for us in the paper and why does it matter? What were your most salient points that we should take away from your plan?[supanova_question]

Discussion Post

Identify three constraints placed on law enforcement and thoroughly examine how these constraints affect how law enforcement personnel conduct their operations. To what degree do these constraints keep officers from enforcing laws in their attempts to rid the community of criminals? Examine two current events in which police supervisors were held liable for their officers’ actions in violating these constraints. 

W7: Security Threat Groups (STGs)

oral presentation with PP Slides , from chapter 8 on Mechanical ventilation book. 3pages of contents inluding cover page and reference page, include pictures on each slide of the powerpoint.

oral presentation with PP Slides , from chapter 8 on Mechanical ventilation book. 3pages of contents inluding cover page and reference page, include pictures on each slide of the powerpoint..

Written paper [supanova_question]

Planning for quality

In this assignment, you will identify how you will incorporate quality in the project you selected in Unit 2. 

 Instructions: • Explain in detail how you will plan, manage, and control quality in your project   • APA formatted Word coument. • At least 3 pages excluding title and reference pages.  


be writing a report on a body system that we have covered during this class.

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Follow these steps, PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THE SYSTEM I CHOSE – YOUR BOOK HAS MANY OTHERS to choose from – STEPS I HAVE GIVEN BELOW COULD ALSO BE YOUR PAGES FOR THE PROJECT – Use your imagination, be creative and shine!!!! Step 1. You will choose a Body System of “your own choice” – Eg: The Cardiovascular System – In 500 words or more (1) describe the Body system you chose 250 words or more (2) discuss its relevance to the rest of the body, ( 250 words or more ) you could also introduce and give examples of its root word, suffix, and prefix. This is your opportunity to do research and show off to me how much you know of the body system you chose. Step 2. Find a diagram of the Body system – make sure the diagram represents all the organs within the system – you can either draw your own diagram or download it from – google images. See example Cardiovascular system (heart) anatomy | HealthEngine Blog Step 3. List the organs, their structure, and function in bullet form ( do not write paragraphs ) for example Cardiovascular System has Four chambers write the names of them and their functions and the structure ( the placement ) Be as detailed as you would like – as this is your take away See example : Body system Organs ( structure ) Function The Cardiovascular (include Blood ) Heart Vessels Veins Blood The heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body The right atrium receives blood from the veins and pumps it to the right ventricle. The right ventricle receives blood from the right atrium and pumps it to the lungs, where it is loaded with oxygen. The left atrium receives oxygenated blood from the lungs and pumps it to the left ventricle. The left ventricle (the strongest chamber) pumps oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body. The left ventricle’s vigorous contractions create our blood pressure. Blood vessels transport blood throughout the body – Blood Cells supply oxygen to cells and tissues. provide essential nutrients to cells, removes waste materials, protect the body from infection and foreign bodies. Blood Plasma aids in the clotting process Veins are responsible for returning deoxygenated blood back to the heart. Step 4 – Information Write a report of at least one page telling what you have learned about the body System you chose, and the importance of its function to the body. Make sure to cover the following: This is the meat of the Project – at least 100 words per item State the structure of the system you choose ( 100 words) Explain the function this system does for your body? (What is its job?) ( 100 words) Explain how the system works. For example, first, your diaphragm contracts causing you to breathe in air. The air goes down the tube that is called the trachea or windpipe…etc. (Explain each step in detail.) ( 100 words) Identify 5 disorders of the systems – ( 100 words) Document the treatment related to the disease or disorders you have identified – ( 100 words) Step 5. Identify a list of disorders within the system – minimum of 5 maximum of as many as you want – Remember this is your paper – Impress me with what you know – instead of second-guessing. See Example Coronary artery disease. Atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, and arteriolosclerosis. Stroke. Hypertension. Heart failure. Aortic dissection and aneurysm. Myocarditis and pericarditis. Cardiomyopathy. Angina, Arrhythmia, Congenital heart disease Coronary artery disease Heart attack Heart failure Step 6. Make a list of websites, books, or videos you watched to write and present this paper – essentially where did you get the information from – I know you did not make this information up – to give credit to where credit is due. This is your opportunity to tell me what you have learned in this class and to impress me with everything you have.[supanova_question]

please answer any 4 questions 80 words any of the following with references and no plagiarim.

Create a thread and answer 4 of the following questions 
Enter your name as the Subject
Enter the question # you have chose at the start of each answer so that others know what question you have chosen. (i.e. Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6)

1. Describe TQM, Six Sigma and CMM (CMMI).
2. What is a Structured Walk-thru?
3. What are Service-Oriented Architectures?
4. Describe the use of Documentation and Procedure Manuals.
5. Describe the Testing, Maintenance and Auditing process.
6. Describe how Systems are Distributed.
7. Describe how Training is conducted during Implementation.
8. Describe System Conversion.
9. Describe the Security Concerns of Implementation.
10. Describe the Evaluation Process.

oral presentation with PP Slides , from chapter 8 on Mechanical ventilation book. 3pages of contents inluding cover page and reference page, include pictures on each slide of the powerpoint.

8-1 Short Answer: Religion in the Media

8-1 Short Answer: Religion in the Media.

Search online for a news report about an artifact from the humanities involved in a religious controversy, and answer the following questions. Consider searching the religion section of CNN or similar sources.

Provide a link to the news story and write a short (1-2 paragraph) summary of each side’s position.

How do you think the controversy was impacted by each party’s interpretation of this artifact?

This activity is graded based on completion.

2 separate assignment i need them done by tomorrow i need someone who can reply fast and give me work based on the assignment. the first assignment requires to use the BJS website: https://bjs.ojp.gov/data/data-collections/search the second one is looking to base it on 2 peer review papers and the website is https://library.phoenix.edu/home

assignment 1: sit the All Data Collections page on the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) website. Review the criminal justice information and topics listed on that page and choose 1 that you would like to use for your analysis topic in this assignment. Note: When you click on your selected topic on the All Data Collections page, ensure that the next page you arrive at on that website for your chosen topic has a data table available (i.e., robust information, report links, and details for you to work with for this assignment). Use your selected topic to develop a: Research question Hypothesis Write a 700- to 1,050-word report using your selected research topic that discusses: The specific topic you are analyzing Why you chose that topic The research question you developed The hypothesis you developed Cite the source where you located the BJS topic summary and data tables to support your assignment. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Assignment 2: Research is instrumental in the field of criminal justice, whether it’s for solving crime, determining suspects, or using statistics and financial tracking to help create programs and outreach programs within communities. This week, you have learned about research models and the ethical variables you may encounter in the future. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you: Describe research models that can be used in criminal justice research. Identify which type of research model you feel is most compatible. Provide an example to support your choice. Explain why ethics are important in criminal justice research. Provide examples. Explain informed consent and confidentiality. Why are they important? Include examples. Identify and discuss a criminal justice topic, program, or process that has ethical concerns. Recommend how the ethical concerns might be addressed. Cite 2 peer-reviewed references in your paper to support the items you were asked to address. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.[supanova_question]

Phases 1-4 ( Accomplish Seven (A7)Challenge )

Law Assignment Help Accomplish Seven (A7)ChallengeThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports more than 300,000 scientists in universities and research institutions across the United States and abroad. The NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER) provides assistance to scientists applying for research funding — an essential step to achieving medical discovery. The process through which funding is attained is built on numerous federal policies and procedures. Each year, OER hosts two NIH Regional Seminars on Program Funding and Grants Administration. At each seminar, in the course of three days, more than 30 NIH and HHS staff members are brought to a central location to educate, share and listen to hundreds of administrators, graduate students, and anyone interested in the grants administration process.The seminar serves as a venue to demystify the funding application process and clarify federal regulations and policies. Since 2008, Ripple Effect has provided project management and coordination support for five NIH Regional Seminars.SolutionRipple Effect utilized our comprehensive event management approach to coordinate all of the moving pieces of these events. The four phased approach involves:• Phase 1: Development – Initial concept design; define purpose, objectives, format and overall vision for the event. Develop event specifications guide.• Phase 2: Pre-Event Coordination – Agenda development, budget creation, site research and selection, website development, speaker management, communication/outreach, and materials design and printing.• Phase 3: On-site Coordination – Venue set-up, vendor/exhibitor set-up, registration/information desk, program execution, volunteer coordination and dismantle process.• Phase 4: Post-Event Coordination – Budget reconciliation; distribute thank you letters, final report and evaluation.We identified OER’s operational and programmatic objectives, and gathered the event specifications. With this information we were able to create an event work plan, including the event time line and tasks list, to achieve the event objectives. We held regular planning meetings with OER leadership, and coordinated logistics and communications with speakers, exhibitors, volunteers, and attendees.How would you go about solving this challenge? Was the solution above the best solution? What would you have done differently?[supanova_question]

One main criminal characteristic and an important one is deviance. Although deviance can start as Essay

One main criminal characteristic and an important one is deviance. Although deviance can start as behaviors that violate social norms it becomes a criminal characteristic when these behaviors violate laws. Violating a social norm can look as innocent as standing too close to a stranger. A deviant behavior would be standing so close to someone that you steal their wallet or other belongings. Deviant behaviors that violate social norms have the ability to change along with society over time. What might once have been constituted as a social norm violation could become a violation of an actual law. For example the concept of picking up after ones dog was once just a social norm however now since that social norm has been violated one too many times it is now a violation of the law to not pick up after ones dog and it is a finable offense. Criminal profiling or identifying ones behavioral and psychological traits helps human services professionals to determine illegal behaviors in a person. Thus, helping them to solve crimes that have been committed.[supanova_question]

8-1 Short Answer: Religion in the Media

planning human resources, job analysis, planning recruitment and a selection strategy for Dollarama’s store manager.

planning human resources, job analysis, planning recruitment and a selection strategy for Dollarama’s store manager..

assignment  is planning human resources, job analysis, planning recruitment and a selection strategy for Dollarama’s store manager. 

Start with the following job Description:

Store Manager at Dollarama: https://www.jobillico.com/en/job-offer/dollarama/store-manager/8152930

1. Is there a scope for improvement? Compare the job description with the generic job descriptions posted under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). Also, review some local store manager positions posted by other retail companies in BC. What are the key differences that strike you? What is good about the job description posted by Dollarama. What are the areas they can improve on?

Note: You should provide links of all jobs you compare in a separate Appendix in the end of the assignment. These job descriptions should also be added to your references list. 

2. Now think about how job analysis (JA) can be used to develop a more accurate job description and specification. Create a job analysis strategy for Dollarama. Please note you should suggest a JA strategy and NOT create revised job descriptions. A typical JA strategy should be a step-by-step plan suggesting the company a robust and legally defensible method of creating job descriptions and specifications. 

3. Now review the labor market outlook for this job in BC and especially in the lower mainland and suggest labor demand and supply considerations you may encounter based on the current situation of the labor market. Please note you should review BOTH demand and supply considerations. 

Note: This section of your assignment should have data backing up your claims. You are encouraged to present data through graphs, tables etc. if needed.

4: Now consider you are hiring for this position in BC and your current store Manager is leaving in 2 months. Suggest some recruitment strategies you will use to ensure you have adequate qualified applicants for this job. Be as detailed in your recruitment strategy as possible.

Note: Please do not list all recruitment strategies listed in the book. Please make sure you only mention those that you think are appropriate for hiring the store manager at Dollarama. 

5. Finally, create a detailed step-by-step selection strategy for the right candidate. Suggest what screening tools, interview formats, and selection methods will you use. Be as detailed as possible in explaining your selection plan.

Please ensure you mention relevant legal questions and boundaries wherever needed. Back your plan with recent research as much as possible. You will be graded for:

1. The comprehensiveness of your plan at each stage. 

2. The cohesiveness of your plan.

3. Providing adequate and robust evidence grounded in recent research to back up your plan

4. Originality, detail, and yet simplicity are the key criteria.  

5. You should present your report as a business report in APA format. In-text citations and references are important and should be provided wherever appropriate.

For this submission, you have to perform an Operations Management Systems Audit. 
Note: You need to select the appropriate form

For this submission, you have to perform an Operations Management Systems Audit. 

Note: You need to select the appropriate form based on whether the organization you have chosen primarily delivers Services or Products.

To audit your selected organization, use any of the following documents (Please check attachments) below):

1.- Characteristics of a Well-Designed Service System

2.- Best Practices Product Design Systems

Comment on each section of the systems review outline.



If the organization you picked delivers both goods and services, then pick ONE to audit. No need to audit both of them. 

PS) Please read thoroughly the attachments.


leadership challenge

Management Assignment Help Read  “Leadership Challenge: That Sale Was Expensive, I Think” on pages 401-402 and answer the following questions:

? You are Barry Jefferson. What do you believe would be important to discuss in a meeting with Grace Hart about the sales costs at Digital Dimension?

? What information would you need to know to estimate the cost of making a sales call at the company?

? If you were Grace Hart, what questions would you ask Barry Jefferson about implementing a cost analysis.

Evaluating performance is more than just deciphering numbers 

? Explain the difference between performance and effectiveness.

? Identify objective measures of salesperson performance, both output and input

GSA Wants You

Your partner in Aerospace Drones is a service-disabled Iraq war veteran. You recently learned about a federal acquisition rule allowing agencies to provide sole-source and set-aside contracts to service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses. This means agencies must devote three percent of their spending to this qualified small business owners, a goal set by Congress in the 00s. While your partner has majority (51%) ownership in the company, you are responsible for federal contract administration and oversight. You were recently alerted to an Energy Department RFP for drones needed for geo mapping. Now you must reply to a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules solicitation for your products. To prepare for this, you must write at 3–4 page preliminary report for your partner and senior management which details the following:

Assignment Instructions

Describe the electronic data interchange (EDI) or electronic submission processes and the security measures present in this approach. Analyze the advantages over classic paper solicitations.

Analyze whether your company has as much of a chance of having its bid accepted as a much larger corporation by comparing the advantages of being a small company over being a larger firm (e.g., Boeing) in terms of contract administration and management.

Speculate on how you would negotiate during the contract award process once your solicitation is accepted.

Determine the value of your most favored customer or class of customers to GSA. Analyze its impact on your small business.

Assess the different marketing methods used to market to the federal government. Select three most effective methods you would use to market your product or service to the U.S. government. Provide a rationale for your selection.

Formatting Requirements

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

planning human resources, job analysis, planning recruitment and a selection strategy for Dollarama’s store manager.

case study (mgmt)

case study (mgmt).

Case Analysis

In this case study; you’re expected to research and investigate the strategy that a local company of your choice is using to stay on the top of the game and successfully compete against other companies in the market. This should include all levels of strategy; business, corporate and international. You should highlight what they are doing well and what they should work on to improve company performance. 

You need to support your argument with at least 10 academic and nonacademic references. You can also compare between the company of your choice and another company to evaluate its strategy.

Examples of Canadian companies would be SNC-Lavalin, Canadian Goose, Shopify, Suncor, Encana, CGI Inc., Linamar, Canfor, Lulu lemon, Maple Leaf Foods, Blackberry, and Bombardier.

Using APA, you are expected to write no less than 3500 words. You are expected to present it in class using PPT. 

Discussion module 7

Discussion Prompt

You have just sat through an informative lecture in your managerial accounting class about the net present value (NPV). However, one of your classmates leaned over to tell you that he is still unclear about this theory and would like for you to provide a summary of what this concept is all about and why it is so important. Explain to your classmate the key arguments for using NPV over other capital investment approaches and why it is the preferred method for making decisions about long-term investment opportunities.

Business Law

Management Assignment Help Ed, a business person is a friend of Fran, the owner of a candy story. Every day, Ed spends a few minutes in Fran’s candy store, looking at the candy and usually buying one or two candy bars or other candy. One afternoon, Ed went in the store, looked at the candy, picked up a $1 candy bar, waved the candy bar at Fran without saying a word and left the store.

Is there an enforceable contract between Ed and Fran? Why or why not?

If there is a contract, what type of contract and how was it formed, specifically?

Which is the contract Fran [supanova_question]

Analyze the Various Types of HRM Policies

Through your research, you have completed your analysis of the impact human resource management has on policy and the implementation of a dress policy conveying the conduct that is expected to be followed. The creative implementation of employee ideas through a policy suggestion program also promotes efficiency.

For this assignment, you are serving as the new vice president of an HRM division. You’re tasked by the president to compare an external organization of choice that you are familiar with and analyze three policies and how they are implemented within the organization. While this is a new assignment, the opportunity to better understand policy and implementation will provide you with insight to make internal decisions to policy for your organization in the future. You must analyze your findings of the external organization.

This analysis also will assist you with understanding the implementation of policies within organizations by allowing you to make needed suggestions for improvement. You must present your findings to the executive team, along with recommendations for improvement.

Prepare a policy implementation presentation that addresses the following points:

Describe the issues and challenges you encountered in your investigation and the impact it has on the organization.

Describe how you will gain the buy-in of the executive team and how you will communicate the recommended change(s).

Length: 5-7 slides, not including title and reference slides

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. 

case study (mgmt)

Policy, Legal, Ethics,

Policy, Legal, Ethics,.

Answer each these questions in a paragraph with at least five sentences: Include the question and number your responses accordingly. Provide a citation for each answer.

Give an example from the book where insufficient testing was a factor in a program error or system failure.

What was one cause in the delay in the completing of the Denver Airport.

Why didn’t the healthcare.gov website work at first?

What is one characteristic of high reliability organizations?

Describe the potential risks of alert fatigue in EHR systems.

What were 2 common factors in both the Therac-25 case and the space shuttle disaster.

What does design for failure mean

Assignment 3

Penetration testing is a simulated cyberattack against a computer or network that checks for exploitable vulnerabilities. Pen tests can involve attempting to breach application systems, APIs, servers, inputs, and code injection attacks to reveal vulnerabilities. In a well-written, highly-detailed research paper, discuss the following:

– What is penetration testing

– Testing Stages

– Testing Methods

– Testing, web applications, and firewalls

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

– Be approximately four pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.

– Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

– Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations.

No Plagiarism 

building secure web applications week 14

Computer Science Assignment Help

Week Fourteen A

Research the Dark Web.Write a brief paper on the following topics: What is the Dark Web? How is it accessed  How is it used by criminals? How can it be used in a positive way? How can be used by law enforcement and the intelligence services. How can be used by private individuals.Write between 200 and 300 words.  

Risk Assessment Executive Summary

Compile a 750- to 1,250-word executive summary to be submitted to the executive committee. Within the summary:

Briefly summarize the scope and results of the risk assessment.

Highlight high-risk findings and comment on required management actions.

Present an action plan to address and prioritize compliance gaps.

Present a cost/benefit analysis.

Explain the risks involved in trying to achieve the necessary outcomes and the resources required to address the gaps.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Refer to “CYB-650 Executive Summary Scoring Guide,” prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.?

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. 

Policy, Legal, Ethics,

Do you think psychopaths should be criminally liable for their crimes? Describe what other forms

Do you think psychopaths should be criminally liable for their crimes? Describe what other forms.

Do you think psychopaths should be criminally liable for their crimes? Describe what other forms of social control could be used by criminal justice human service practitioners to manage or rehabilitate psychopaths. Should their emotional deficits be considered when determining their punishments? Support your answer by citing additional resources and discuss any disadvantages to your approach.[supanova_question]

7-3 Worksheet: Relationship Between Human Creative Expression and Culture

For this assignment, you will complete a worksheet on the relationship between creative expression and culture.

To complete this assignment, review the following documents:

Relationship Between Human Creative Expression and Culture Worksheet Word Document

Relationship Between Human Creative Expression and Culture Worksheet Guidelines and Rubric PDF

On August 5th, George from Phil’s Trading Co. in Park Slope, NY called Harry’s Printers in Ithaca, NY to ask

Law Assignment Help On August 5th, George from Phil’s Trading Co. in Park Slope, NY called Harry’s Printers in Ithaca, NY to ask about pricing and delivery for an 2,500 black t-shirts with the phrase “P.S. I Love You” emblazoned on the front and “Park Slope New York” written on the back. Phil’s has sold these shirts before and found them popular, but only among Park Slope residents. Harry says he can print and deliver then to Phil’s for $5.00 per shirt, payable 60 days after delivery.

On August 6th, George sends Harry a purchase order for the 2,500 t-shirts which states “Price – $5.00 per shirt. Delivery – FOB Acme Supply House., Park Slope, NY. Payment – 60 days following delivery.

On August 8th Harry’s sends George a document labeled Confirmation of Order” that said, in relevant part, “this confirms your order for 2,500 Shirts at a price of $5.00, FOB Harry’s Printers, Ithaca, NY”

On August 25, Harry’s ships the 2,500 t-shirts to Phil’s designated supply house and sends Phil’s an invoice for $13,200, including shipping costs of $700. The shipping voucher states all charges are payable within 60 days from date of receipt of goods.

On August 31, Harry hears through the grapevine that Phil’s Trading is having serious money problems. A friend tells Harry that Phil’s was three week’s behind on a $50,000 account with his firm and the friend had heard they were 4 week’s behind on a $20,000 account with another supplier.

Harry calls George and asks if what he heard was true. George confirms it, but tells Harry it is just a short term cash flow problem and it will have no effect on Harry getting paid by the end of the 60 days. Not feeling any calmer, Harry tells George that he want’s a certified check for the full amount in 72 hours or he is sending “some guys to Park Slope to pick up ‘My’ shirts.”

Phil’s did not make any payment by the 72 hour deadline and on September 5th Harry sent three large employees to Acme Supply House who, not wanting any problems, turned the shirts over to them. The employees brought the t-shirts back to Harry’s. Acme sent Phil’s a bill for $300 for the time its workers spent on the issue.

On September 15th, Harry’s sold 1,000 of the shirt’s to Evelyn’s Gift Shop in Park Slope, a major competitor of Phil’s, for $4.00 per shirt, FOB Ithaca, NY. On September 29th, Harry’s sold another 1,000 shirts to Evelyn’s, FOB Ithaca, NY. The last 500 shirts are still in Harry’s warehouse.

As it turns out, George was right. Phil’s cash flow problems were temporary and by October 1, all of Phil’s back bills were paid off, and Phil’s could have paid Harry’s as well. Phil’s sues Harry’s for breach of contract and Harry’s counterclaims alleging breach of contract also. Analyze the claims and defenses of the parties. Please analyze the parties positions and possible damage claims.

5 pages

3 united states cases and 3 statutes need to be used

the role of a human services provider for your local community. Your manager has been tasked with providing in-service training to a group of 20 police and correctional officers. Create a 13- to 18-slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. Ensure that you present 2 different felonies of your choice, analyze each crime from a biological perspective and a psychological perspective, and conclude which perspective provides a better explanation of the criminal behavior.

Cite at least 2 resources and include the following: Introduction slide (1 slide) Analysis of first crime (5–7 slides) Biological perspective Psychological perspective Comparison of those 2 perspectives Which perspective provides a better explanation in your opinion Relevance to police and correctional officers Analysis of second crime (5–7 slides) Biological perspective Psychological perspective Comparison of those 2 perspectives Which perspective provides a better explanation in your opinion Relevance to police and correctional officers Conclusion or summary slide with a focus on what is important for police and correctional officers (1–2 slides) Reference slide (1 slide)[supanova_question]

Do you think psychopaths should be criminally liable for their crimes? Describe what other forms

Continue developing your Leadership Style Action Plan by evaluating the skills needed to keep production

Continue developing your Leadership Style Action Plan by evaluating the skills needed to keep production.

Continue developing your Leadership Style Action Plan by evaluating the skills needed to keep production and morale at peak levels in professional situations. Complete this section of the Action Plan by including the following: 800-1,000 Words – Begin by identifying the leadership competencies and behaviors of successful leaders. – Then, do an assessment of your existing leadership competencies. – Prepare a SWOT analysis of your leadership strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. – List at least 1 leadership competency for S, W, O, and T. – Write your vision statement for success as a leader based on your SWOT analysis. – Write out 5 goals to help you achieve your vision. Be sure to provide APA citation and references to support your work. Objective: Identify the leadership styles that are preferable in certain situations Recognize the differing styles of leadership[supanova_question]

Discussion 5

Compare and contrast depression and Seligman’s theory of learned helplessness. Make sure you address issues of cognitive distortions, cognitive schemas, genetic predispositions; neurotransmitters involved in depression, pessimism, and learned helplessness. Which theory resonates for you? Why?

make sure to cite your sources in your work and provide references for those citations utilizing APA format.

discussion question

Psychology Assignment Help Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

How have psychologists participated in the advancement of social issues and change?

How has humanism, which focuses on each individual’s potential, played a role in social change?

Is the psychology of social change important in American society today? Why or why not? Provide examples and support for your opinion.

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Work #1:

Actual work where 2 students given their posts on this: 

Review the material on routers.

It is sometimes said that information extracted from a router or switch does not necessarily provide specific evidence of a particular crime. What is meant by that?  If true, what then is the most useful information collected from these devices in an investigation?

Write and post your answer.

Post between 200 and 300 words.

Work #2:

Actual work where 2 students given their posts on this: 

Think about a good or bad service experience that you have had. Briefly describe the experience. What factors contributed to this experience? What changes could have been made to make this an even better service experience? Why is service marketing important? 

Continue developing your Leadership Style Action Plan by evaluating the skills needed to keep production