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Growth rate

Smith earned gross income of 40000 last year. According to the income tax structure, taxes are 25% of the first 20,000 of gross income plus 50% of the excess over 20,000. Thus smith paid 15000 in taxes and had after-tax income (ATI) of 25000. Inflation is forecast at 5% this year, and smith’s gross income …

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Accounting question

C) Should a person convicted of not directly participating in a financial fraud but knowing about it, serve a shorter sentence than a person convicted of directly perpetrating the financial fraud? Place this order

Python programming

Write a Python program that can take different numbers of strings (each string may include digits, characters, and special symbols) and then sorted them. You need first define the rule for sorting and then implement the sorting function using Python (DO NOT use any existing sort function). Visualize a list of input strings (the list …

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Criminal law

Directions For this assignment, design an educational BROCHURE, using Microsoft Word, on police discretion and police use-of-force. As a Criminal Justice professional, you will (at times) educate the public on police practices and procedures. Law enforcement agencies commonly create and distribute brochures to educate the public. Police using deadly force has always been a controversial …

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Accounting question

You are purchasing agent for a medium-sized company, Zircon Delivery Services. Zircon is about to make a major upgrade of its computing facilities, and you have the responsibility for choosing among about ten potential suppliers. You are already sifting through their preliminary bids, and some are quite clearly superior to others. Among the poorer bids …

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