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Change and Innovation 2

Change and Innovation 2.


Schein, E. Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory in the Field and in the Classroom: Notes Toward a Model of Managed Learning.

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Levasseur, R. (2001) People Skills: Change Management Tools Lewins Change Model

Include one scholarly article of your own choosing concerning this weeks change model and include it in your post for this week.  Be sure to include the citation for the article as well.

View  Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory (2016)  Lewins Force Field Analysis (2018)

After reading and viewing the assigned resources create a thread that provides your insights on the following assignment.

Prompt: Compare and contrast the assigned readings and videos in the context of business change management and innovation.  Analyze suggested methodologies of the authors and speakers to the advancement and improvement of business change initiatives.

Change and Innovation 2

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