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Criminal activities in the business lead to negative overall impacts on the organizations

Criminal activities in the business lead to negative overall impacts on the organizations.



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SRV 425 Event, Meeting, & Conference Management
Business management is an approach in which organizations coordinate the activities of a business so as to achieve their goals. Management is usually included as a factor as production in line with machinery, inventory and money. On the other hand, criminology is concerned with crime activities such as causes, course of law enforcement and methods of prevention, (Cao, L. 2004). Business management and criminology are connected by the fact that the activities of one affects the work of the other. For instance, criminology identifies the fraud officers in business management and takes the necessary steps to control and prevent occurrence of the same in future.
Business management
Is better situated than outsiders to provide information about a company to capital markets and to ensure smooth running of business affairs. It helps in enabling preparers, management, audit committee members, and boards of directors of all businesses and other firms to prepare, present statements that maximizes value for primary users of a business’s financial statements such as investors, investor analysts, the government lenders and other creditors. (Management Discussion and Analysis, 2012)
Industrial or business organizations differ from one another in nature, size and in complexities of operation. However, there are principles of management which are all common in all organizations. The management activities famously known as principles of management and they include; Forecasting and Planning, Organizing, Commanding, Co-coordinating and Controlling. These principles have numerous benefits which include; increasing business management efficiency where principles of management have been developed from experiences of various professional people. These principles provide guidelines as to how managers should function in different situations which in turn increase their efficiency. Furthermore, the principles help in developing the Science of Management. These principles of management make use of scientific methods for observation. They have helped in developing the science of management. Without these principles of management businesses would not have been possible to develop their organized structure of knowledge by management practitioners, thinker and philosophers.
Criminology can be well explained through theoretical approach which is referred to as a subfield of major criminology, it’s the kind of criminology that is usually studied in colleges and universities. Theoretical criminology, instead of simply describing crime and its occurrence, offers explanations for criminal behavior, (Barr & Pease, 1990). However, an explanation of criminal behavior should be a specific part of the major theory of behavior and its task should be to differentiate criminal from noncriminal behavior. Criminologists have developed many theories that help in explaining and understand crime, (Karl M, 2012).
A theory usually is made of clearly stated propositions suggesting relationships, often causal, between events and occurrences being studied. Crime is human behavior that goes against the criminal laws of a state, the federal government according local jurisdiction that has the power to make and enforce the laws. According to social commentators, people are simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by crime especially gruesome crimes involving extreme personal piece, (Angel, S. 1968). The fame of today’s crime shows, Hollywood produced crime movies, true-crime books and magazines, and websites devoted exclusively to the coverage of crime supports that observation. Business Management and criminology
Criminal activities in the business lead to negative overall impacts on the organizations. Criminal activities such as fraud would lead to the organization incurring extreme losses. These offences may involve over pricing of the products that may lead to exploitation of customer and even result to a big number of customers going to competitors. Criminology should identify these practices before they get out of hand and save both the firm and the customer. This can be facilitated through establishing mechanisms of reporting any crime perceived in a business, (Gill & Pease, 1998).
In conclusion, business management and criminology should not work in isolation. An effective collaboration between the two can result in minimizing the possible criminal activities within and outside the organization. Crimes such as theft can be minimized through installing closed circuit Television. Consumer protection can also be enhanced in the process.
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Criminal activities in the business lead to negative overall impacts on the organizations

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