Finance Question

Assignment TwoLearning outcome/s being assessed:1. Critically analyse, synthesise and review literature in a discipline area.2. Discuss a range of research methodologies, and review tools and techniques for data collection3. Review data analysis techniques and their application in construction research.4. Evaluate contemporary research findings relevant to the built environment.
Data cleaning- Unrealistic age: 0, 2, 5, 99, 101, removed 7; ID 27, 37, 60, 70, 110, 111, 112- Unrealistic Scores: removed 2; ID 113, all 9s, ID 144, all -9s. The rest of the scores are between 3 and -3.- Unrealistic Experiences: ID 54, 58, 76, 108, 10 years of experience, below 28 years old, has at least bachelor’s degree. meaning they started in the AEC industry before 18 years old.- Unrealistic Roles: ID 42, 63; All variables for roles are 0, meaning they do not have a role in the industry. Removed 2;- People with no degress: ID 66, 75. No degrees at all. But it is possible in the industry. With only 2 people in this group.- People with no experiences: ID 119, 140, 141, 143, 145. All of the “Experience” variables have value 0, meaning the person have no experience in the industry. removed 5.- Variable value error: there are 26 entries where the variable “Experience 1-5 years” have a value of 2. But this variable is a dummy variable, so value should only be 0 or 1. Given the other “experience” variables have value 0, we will change these “experience 1-5 years” value to 1 instead of deleting them.146 total entries, deleted 13, 128 left.