Financial Statement Analysis


Scenario:  FOR TASK 2 & 4


As part of a short-term internship at Stokes Mann Investments, your team manager has asked you to look at a listed company and report on any potential for investment opportunities.



As you want to impress your manager, you are keen to provide an in-depth fundamental financial statement analysis with broad coverage looking at the strengths and adaptability of this company. This will include an evaluation of internal and external factors on the future prospects for the business.  You intend to cover the most recent three years published accounts (and any interim results available) for your chosen company and to compare performance against a competitor company and/or the sector in general.

This is an individual assignment and it represents 20% of your module grade. The assignment must be your OWN work.  Copyright of all materials used must be respected and acknowledged. This means that you must not copy work from friends, journal articles or texts and pass it off as your own work. All sources must be properly referenced in your work using the Harvard referencing system.



You are to produce a 5 to 10 minute Panopto video (no shorter than 4 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes) showing discussion on your progress to date about the investigation into your chosen company. It must be all your own work. The video must show you clearly talking to the camera

You will need to:


Highlight interesting findings to date

Explain why you have chosen this company & industry/sector

Justify your choice of potential competitor for comparative purposes. 

Include discussion of your planned structure for the final report.

Explain which sources you intend to use for your ratios/trends/financial data in the final report for task 4

Therefore, we are expecting an interesting and creative explanation of what the organisation is and what the interesting findings/issues are. The Company chosen must be from the list provided on the assignment brief.


The “Team Manager” will be looking for:


Application and engagement of the student with this assignment.

Pro-active and engaged with the video and the “manager”.

Ability to communicate progress, knowledge and interest in the company and sector concerned.

Therefore, we are expecting to see a good level of eye contact through camera, with only appropriate elements of presentation read out.  Delivery at a suitable speed and clarity for the viewer to understand.  Good use of voice, posture and body language. Video of appropriate length. Good use of visual aids. Including imaginative and creative elements.

N.B. Interpretation and critical analysis is not expected at this time- It is required for TASK 4




Choose your company from these listed below. 

Consumer goods Food & Beverages (Food Producers):

Hilton Food PLC

Britvic PLC

Dairy Crest PLC

Tate & Lyle PLC

Associated British Foods plc




Consumer services Retail (General retailers):

Carpetright PLC

Halfords Group PLC

DFS (Furniture) PLC

Dunelm PLC




Consumer services Travel & Leisure:

Greene King PLC

Marstons PLC

Restaurant Group PLC

Weatherspoons PLC

Cineworld PLC



Others –

Rolls-Royce PLC   – (Aerospace & defence)

Dart Group PLC    – (Airlines Travel & Leisure)

Burberry PLC        – (Clothing & accessories)



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