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history of civilization

history of civilization.

While both attitudes and institutional arrangements have overall become more open toward variation in sexual orientation, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders still face much prejudice and discrimination in the U.S.provide a brief summary (200 words) of the articles.

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Objections to these unions: what Friedrich Hayek can teach us about gay marriage THERE ARE ONLY two objections to same-sex marriage that are intellectually honest and internally consistent. One is the simple anti-gay position: “It is the law’s job to stigmatize and disadvantage homosexuals, and the marriage ban is a means to that end.” The other is the argument from tradition–which turns out, on inspection, not to be so simple.Many Americans may agree that there are plausible, even compelling, reasons to allow same-sex marriage, and that many of the objections to such unions are overwrought, unfair, or misguided. And yet they draw back. They have reservations that are hard to pin down but that seem not a whit less powerful for that. They may cite religion or culture, but the roots of their misgivings go even deeper. Press them, and they might say something like this:I understand how hard it must be to live a marriageless life, or at least I try to understand. I see that some of the objections to same-sex marriage are more about excluding gays than about defending marriage. Believe me, I am no homophobe; I want gay people to have joy and comfort. I respect their relationships and their love, even if they are not what I would want for myself.But look. No matter how I come at this question, I keep bumping into the same wall. For the entire history of civilization, marriage has been between men and women. In every religion, every culture, every society–maybe with some minor and rare exceptions, none of them part of our own heritage–marriage has been reserved for the union of male and female. All the words in the world cannot change that. Same-sex marriage would not be an incremental tweak but a radical reform, a break with all of Western history.I’m sorry. I am not prepared to take that step, not when we are talking about civilization’s bedrock institution. I don’t know that I can even give you good reasons. It is just that what you are asking for is too much

history of civilization

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