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Essay project assignment constitutes the formal writing component of the class.  Between 3-5 pages written paper analysis of the readings or artistic performance, or an equivalent artistic project with one page written reflection.  Follow same format as Extra Credit projects. See Essay and Extra Credit Presentation.  See Syllabus for Essay deadline. Start your essays early in the quarter, don’t leave them for the last weeks of class. Allow time to edit them and work with the writing center.


A quick note on the Essay Project.

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As mentioned previously in class:

Identify a specific topic from our readings that you will analyze in your essay. Develop a thesis and argumentation. This will allow you to review what you have already studied and develop research about a topic that interests you.

Employ at least one of our assigned readings that we have covered in class. You can use any of the recommended readings available, which are there to provide support.

Make sure that you write an analysis rather than just a review of a book or historical event.

You can use any of the academic formats (MLA, IP, Chicago, …)

Include works cited section in which you list the academic sources that you have employed.


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