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Los Angeles is the number one city when it comes to traffic congestion.

Los Angeles is the number one city when it comes to traffic congestion..

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28 July 2018
Los Angeles, also called the City of Angels, where many people want to live in and the Hollywood has been made it is the place of fame and fortune. However, people doubting the reality of truth. The question as to whether the city of Los Angeles is getting better or it is just getting worse has raged on for several years now. The mere mention of the name Los Angeles sparks a lot of curiosity and wonder in the mind of anyone who has never been to the city. Los Angeles has the most famous Hollywood show, it contributes significantly to the reputation of Los Angeles. However, there are many factors which need to be handled that is dragging the city back such as the problem of the homeless people and traffic congestion in the city. This can be attributed to the enormous population, high cost living expanses and increasing homeless population which impact on the City of Angels is getting worse.
I believe that the city of Los Angeles is getting worse because of several reasons that will be deeply discussed in this essay. The fact that the city is getting worse means that there was a time when the city was a comfortable place to many people, both the residences and visiting tourists. First, the numbers of homeless people have been rising at an alarming rate in the city. Until 2017, the number of homeless individuals living out on the streets rose by 23%. The number of homeless people on the streets rose from 44,359 in 2014 to 57,794 people in 2017 (Holland). Whenever tourists visit Los Angeles, they are surprised to see the homeless people begging out on the freeway exists because they believed that Los Angeles is a city that many people to chasing their dreams. However, the reality is harsh. The situation is being triggered by the increased cost of living and housing across California. Houses are extremely expensive in Los Angeles. This implies that those people who cannot afford their rent are forced to live out on the streets to make tents and other similar but crude settlements. They sleep in the tent during the night and spend their days in public libraries; therefore, they can charge their phone.
The cost of living in Los Angeles is fairly high. This is because home prices have rising and showing no signs of coming down any time soon. According to the “Los Angeles Home Prices & Values” the median price of a house in Los Angeles has been rising since 2009 and the price will continue rising to $706,600 in 2019(Zillow Real Estate). This makes owning a home in the city very hard due to the high costs which will be incurred. This is partly why there are very many homeless people living out on the cold streets. Besides the high costs of owning a home, the rent prices are incredibly high too. According to Cavanaugh’s report, a worker earning $10.50 an hour should pay about $550 a month on housing. That figure is based on the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department affordability guideline that a person should spend no more than one-third of his income on housing” (Cavanaugh 1). Therefore, if owning a home proved difficult, then renting the same home will be a hard task for the low-income earner. Moreover, the fancier the neighborhood, the higher the rent that is paid for the homes. Transportation costs just to get around the city have gone up and with that so have gas prices. This situation is further made worse by the fact that the city has some of the worst traffic congestions in the world. The worker pays a lot of money only to be frustrated by the delays which they experience on the city roads. This just proves that the city of Los Angeles has a very high cost of living which would be unsustainable for very many people.
Another reason as to why I believe that Los Angeles is going from bad to worse is that the city experiences heavy traffic and this is becoming a nuisance not only to the resident but also to the visiting tourists. Although the move to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, there is still a lot of traffic on the city roads especially the freeway 101 and 10. As a result, this led to increased pollution levels within the city due to the increased emission levels from car exhaust. The annual traffic index report which was released in 2018 claims that Los Angeles has the most worse traffic issue in the world. On the other hand, the hours spent in congestion is 102, also is the top one in the rank. (INRIX) According to a report from “Los Angeles daily news,” a conclusion shows the time and fuel sitting in traffic cost over $2,800 to a typical driver in Los Angeles. Because of the wasted time and sources, traffic congestion has cost $19 billion to Los Angeles’s economy. (Feigenbaum 1) This is a very alarming figure as it shows just how much time can be wasted in moving from one place to another within the city. This could have been time used in other economic activities which could have raised enormous benefits for businesses. In the United States, Los Angeles is the number one city when it comes to traffic congestion. The situation is even worse during the morning and evening rush hours.
In conclusion, Los Angeles is an amazing city where stars are made, the situation is very different once you get to take a closer look at how things are run there. You will realize that the city is actually in a bad state and the situation is slowly getting less comfortable for living. We can allude this to several factors such as the homeless issue, the high cost of living, and traffic congestion. However, we can only hope that things will get better with time.
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Los Angeles is the number one city when it comes to traffic congestion.

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