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  • Career Mentoring Program

    having completed the Career Mentoring Program, take time now to reflect on your experiences over the past 10 weeks.
    For this activity:

    do  A one PG summary of your career mentoring experiences, addressing one or more of these topics: career choice, job search strategies, resume or profile, networking, and lessons learned.
    Did you solidify your career choice or discover new careers of interest?
    Did you learn new strategies for finding HR jobs?
    Will you able to tailor your resume or profile or add a new LinkedIn connection, because of this experience?
    How will you apply what you learned in the mentoring experience to move forward in your HR career?
    Write clearly and concisely in a manner that is well organized, grammatically correct, and free of spelling, typographical, formatting, and/or punctuation errors.



  • In at least two paragraphs ? WATCH VIDEO

    Two full paragraphs are required. Points will be deducted for posts that lack depth, and those that do not meet the length requirement will lose points as well. You must provide evidence in all your responses in the form of citations and references using APA format from articles from widely respected peer reviewed journals such as International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, etc. Feel free to provide anecdotes, but back it up with research to strengthen your response:

  • Management Question

    1. Select a brand that will be the focus of your assignment. Provide a short description of the
    brand you selected (no more than 1 slide).
    2. Identify attributes that are relevant to your brand you selected. Ensure that all attributes
    are categorized appropriately (i.e. functional, experiential, emotional).
    3. Provide a rationale for why you selected each attribute/variable and identify if any
    variables can be grouped into concepts.
    4. Rank all the attributes in terms of what you think is most important.
    5. Identify 2 competitive brands and identify attributes that are relevant to those brands. Are
    there attributes that are unique to the competitors? If there are no similar attributes,
    please explain why that might be the case. If all the attributes are similar, please explain
    why that might be the case.
    1. Select a brand you are very familiar with but is more than just a commodity brand (i.e.
    food, personal care products, etc.)
    2. The words “concepts” and “attributes” can be used interchangeably
    3. Brand attributes are similar to brand personality – thinking of brands as if they were a
    person may help you identify relevant attributes. Also remember that no two humans are
    alike, even if they are from the same family.
    4. Make sure you distinguish between attributes related to the main brand you selected vs
    the competition
    5. When conducting your competitive analysis, be sure your discussion is related to
    competitive attributes. Remember that just because BMW and Mercedes Benz are luxury
    vehicles doesn’t mean their attributes are the same.
    6. When ranking the importance of attributes, ensure that there be only 1 attribute per
    ranked position…meaning that there can only be 1 attribute can be in first place, not two.
    7. Nothing in this assignment requires you to conduct online research. When reviewing your
    assignment ask yourself, “does my assignment sound like me?” and “would I have written
    like this if I hadn’t found the online resource?”.Important Note:
    1. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated
    2. All online material must be in your own words. Do not use language found online.
    3. All sources must be properly cited (as per APA)
    Submission Format
    1. The title slide must contain:
    a. The Course Title
    b. Professor Name
    c. Full name (as registered in school) student ID
    d. Date
    2. The only acceptable format is Microsoft PowerPoint
    3. The Marketing Plan must not exceed 20 slides (Excluding title page, table of contents and

  • MBA2002 Final Project

    In the Positive Psychology for Business course, we have focused on well-being, flourishing, and striving, and studied many important topics around these central themes, both for individuals and organizations. The purpose of the final project is to give you an opportunity to holistically integrate the related topics, and creatively make a visual to express your understanding of these connected topics and then present your visual to the class via a YouTube video.
    In the Positive Psychology for Business course, we have focused on well-being, flourishing, and striving, and studied many important topics around these central themes, both for individuals and organizations. The purpose of the final project is to give you an opportunity to holistically integrate the related topics, and creatively make a visual to express your understanding of these connected topics and then present your visual to the class via a YouTube video. You can also write poetry, put together music or use other expressive art forms. Please consider the following:
    What was your journey like?
    If you were the hero/heroine in this how would the story unfold?
    Think of a movie/movie series-a) The Matrix b) Lord of The Rings c)Harry Potter or d) a movie of your choice that has a clear hero/heroine with a mythical journey. Compare your journey to an unfolding of awareness and/or understanding. How are you different or similar to the hero/heroine of your choice?
    If you have done the option to the quiz just summarize in a way that makes sense and note if there have been any changes during the journey- and so which ones?
    How do you bring in your understanding of yourself from Personality and Motivation?
    Go over the Hero/Heroine’s journey in your mind-what were the impactful moments of the walking meditation in module 6?
    What strengths are coming up as useful tools for you to walk your journey?
    Did you notice any shifts?
    What was your journey like during the whole quarter?
    If you were the hero/heroine in this how would the story unfold?
    How does every module contribute to your experience?

    Specifically, this final project involves the following steps:
    Designing and creating an integrative visual. First, please spend some time thinking of all the interesting topics that you have learned in this class; Then creatively design a visual to holistically integrate all the topics together based on your own understanding. You may choose any form of your preference for the visual. It may be a drawing on a piece of paper with necessary labels, or a PowerPoint slide that you create on your computer, or even a short video that you may create by using some popular computer programs, etc. Don’t limit yourself and feel free to let your creativity flow.
    Presenting your visual to class. In this step, you are asked to present your visual and record your presentation. In order to record your presentation, you don’t need a camera, or don’t even have to show your face if you want. What you need to do is screen recording and voice it over. Note that screen recording is a free feature built in Microsoft PowerPoint and it’s easy to use. If you haven’t never used it, simply Google search “screen recording in PowerPoint” or search it in YouTube, and you will find many tutorials. In case if you don’t have time to search, here are two helpful links I have found for you: (Links to an external site.).

    Of course, you may use other screen recording computer programs. Please keep your presentation length within 10 minutes. If you plan to draw your visual on a piece of paper, you may take a picture of your drawing afterwards and then transfer it to your computer to make the presentation video.
    Upload your presentation video to YouTube. When you upload your video to YouTube, you may choose to publish it either publicly (your video is searchable by other people) or privately (your video can’t be publicly searchable, but others can still view your video if you share the link) of your preference.
    Upload your (1) visual, (2) narrative, and (3) your YouTube link, to the Canvas discussion board.
    This project is worth 100 points, and the grading rubric is described as below:
    Creativity: Focusing on making the assignment your own, reflective of your unique point of view and creative genius
    Clarity of Structure: Focusing on the main ideas and their organization, structure, or logic; e.g. can we follow the structure and logic captured in the map easily and clearly?
    Accuracy of Content: Focusing on conveying main principles and ideas in ways that are concise and accurately distilled
    Presentation: Focusing on the quality and professionalism of your presentation
    Note: Please don’t get distressed for this project by trying to find a standard answer for the visual and narrative; there is no standard or one type of correct answer. This assignment is designed so to let you freely express your own understanding of this course. Again, there is no standard type of design or format for the visual. Feel free to choose any type of visual of your own preference.

  • MBA2002 Module 10

    It will be no surprise that positive psychology studies positive emotions, positive behaviors, and positive ways of thinking. One of the founding assumptions of positive psychology was that it would adopt a scientific approach to the study of well-being. Much of the research has evaluated theories or assessment instruments and has tended to be academic. Nonetheless, the ultimate goal of the research has been to help people achieve a greater sense of well-being and flourishing. All the activities presented in this workbook have been practical applications of the research and theories in positive psychology. The assumption is that if we do something to change how we behave, how we think, how we interact with others, or how we use our time, then we can increase our level of well-being or flourishing by those efforts. What if there is another way?
    For this activity, imagine that the pharmaceutical industry has just released a “happiness pill.” Of course, there have been antidepressant medications on the market for many years. But this pill is designed to elevate the mood of “average” people who are functioning fine in day-to-day life but who are just not flourishing. That is, the effects of the happiness pill are similar to the effects one would expect from practical interventions designed to increase well-being and flourishing. By the way, there is every reason to believe that a pill like this will be available in the near future—this is not an effort in science fiction.
    Here are a few caveats to consider. First, the pill is not physically addicting. Second, it is not a “mania pill” that produces unrealistic, ecstatic emotions and totally blocks out negative emotions. It simply creates an emotional bias for the positive end of the spectrum. Third, a person will not habituate to the effects so that these will remain effective over the passage of time. Finally, the pill is affordable. Clearly, the next question is this: Will you take the happiness pill?
    Here are a few things to think about as you decide on your answer. A few advantages of the happiness pill are that it is easy, effective, and reliable. A disadvantage is that it produces an artificial form of happiness, and by taking the pill, a person loses that sense of personal accomplishment that comes from working hard to achieve a goal: in this case, the goal of increasing personal flourishing. Another disadvantage is that the happiness pill would not be effective when a person encounters difficult life events that are unexpected and unwanted. That is, because the pill induces a sense of well-being without the individual’s having undergone struggle and adaptation, one may not have learned the coping skills needed to deal with significant setbacks and challenges.
    Please take some time and think about other advantages and disadvantages. In your journal, write about why you would or would not take the happiness pill.

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