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Computer Science

Power Point Slides Presentation

Use the information from the attached word document to create 10-15 slide presentation, including speaker notes. Outline Introduction Rustic Americana, a subsidiary of Largo Corporation, has experienced poor annual sales. The main reasons for this development lie in deficient management and poor organizational culture. Best Practices Report Rustic corporations can implement various best practices to …

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Writer’s Choice Essay

Please read Gartner’s “Executing On Innovation: Design The Process From Idea to Value”. Gartner_Executing On Innovation Processes.pdf Excellent alignment with the course as stated within the article: “As part of creating an innovation competency, CIOs need to design an innovation process that moves ideas from inception to demonstrable business value. This research presents the choices …

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GMU Fall 2022 – CS 211 – Exercise 2 Objective The purpose of this assignment is to practice enums, exceptions, and unit testing. You will implement and modify a few classes that solve a programming task, and then you will write a small tester to test your code. No tester will be provided for this …

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