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Function question

Draw arrow diagrams to give an example in each of the following cases or explain why you cannot do that. (a) A function that is surjective but not injective. (b) Two functions f and g such that g◦f is bijective but both functions are not bijective. Order Plagiarism-Free Answer

Discussion 2

A dart of mass 22g is travelling at 7ms-^1 when it strikes a board. How thick must the board be to prevent the point of the dart reaching the wall behind the board? Assume the resistive force exerted by the material of the board is constant and of value 20N. Order Plagiarism-Free Answer

Logic Discrete math

When an if then statement is true, it is NOT necessarily true that the converse is true. Give an example of an if then statement that is true, but its converse is NOT true. Discuss the reasoning behind your example. Order Plagiarism-Free Answer