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Typology of terrorism and organized crime

Typology of terrorism and organized crime.



Deliverable Length:  500–750 words

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READING ASSIGNMENT: Terrorism and Organized Crime by White, Abadinsky; 8th Edition, Cengage learning ISBN# 9781285227153




You are an analyst for the National Joint Terrorism Task Force and are assigned to conduct research in terrorism and organized crime for the special agent in charge so that he may prepare a briefing to local police chiefs around the nation. Answer the following in your research for his briefing:


  • What is terrorism, and what is organized crime?
  • What are the differences and similarities between the two types of organizations (terrorist organizations and organized crime organizations)?
  • What known terrorist and organized crime organizations currently exist?
    • Identify and briefly describe as many known terrorist and organized crimes organizations as you can.


  • Provide a minimum of 2 scholarly resources in APA format





Assignment Objectives:  Discuss the typology of terrorism and organized crime, and why definitions matter.  Analyze the nexus between terrorism and organized crime




Learning Materials Provided on college website, helpful links:





Typology of terrorism and organized crime

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