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U.S. Foreign Policy in terms of Terrorism

U.S. Foreign Policy in terms of Terrorism.



What is the U.S. Foreign Policy in terms of Terrorism?

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Define the following:          Terrorist      Jihadist          Fundamentalist       Al Qaeda        ISIS

What is the definition of Terrorism?

What are the reasons a person becomes a Terrorists?

Identify and give facts about 2 separate terrorist attacks in the time period of 1980-1990.

Identify and give facts about 2 separate terrorist attacks in the time period of 1990-2000.

Explain the tactics used by terrorists. What are their goals and strategies?

Why are U.S. soldiers instructed: The enemy should engage you before you engage the enemy.

Is there any country in the world that has not been affected by Terrorism? Identify those.

When was the first act of terrorism recorded?

What was the first act of terrorism in the United States? When?

Who is John Walker Lindh?   Discuss your thoughts on his actions.

What other areas of the world are currently terrorists hot beds, where American personal or citizens, live?

“It is impossible to say for sure what causes terrorism. A person’s psychological make-up certainly will play a role, but to what extent is unclear. Some may come to terrorism, not out of any love for violence, but rather to further their ideological goals. Others may be motivated to use terror simply because it appears to be a useful strategic alternative, or may further the state’s objectives”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? Why not? Use examples.

Does it seem that the War on Terror will ever end? Give your reasons?

How should the world combat terrorism?

From the movie 13 Hours

What are some of the signs of instability in the country?

What types of safety measures should be taken to combat situations such as this?

Where did the overall failure in this situation in Libya take place? Who was responsible?

What did the Ambassador die from? What happened to his body before the U.S. soldiers captured it?

Why do you think all of the service men who survived the attack retired after this situation?

What does this Quote mean to you?

“ All the Gods, all the heavens all the Hells are within you”   What does this quote mean to you?

U.S. Foreign Policy in terms of Terrorism

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