You will need to write out your responses in complete sentences. Your responses should

You will need to write out your responses in complete sentences. Your responses should.

You will need to write out your responses in complete sentences. Your responses should reflect critical thought and analysis. One word answers or superficial responses will not receive full credit. Please respond to two peers by the due date.
Rashad and Social MediaRashad is a BASW student who is interning at a local homeless shelter called Open Arms. One day at his internship he had a powerful conversation with one of the residents who is a Vietnam veteran. The man indicates that he has suffered with PTSD for many years and has abused drugs and alcohol to cope with his symptoms. The man also states that has no family and is often treated poorly by people on the street because of his appearance. Rashad is so moved by the conversation that he wants to capture the moment. He takes out his phone and snaps a pic of the man and his belongings but makes sure he doesn’t get the man’s face in the picture. At the end of the day, Rashad is talking to some of his friends about the problems with how veterans are treated in this country and decides to post his views on social media. Rashad’s first post reads:
“Talked to a real hero at work today. Homeless yet he sacrificed everything for this country. America, our priorities are !*%@* up. #VETSlivesmatter #toughdayatwork”
He then went to his other social media account and posted the pic of the man from his internship with the caption:
“This is what a real MAN, a real HERO looks like. All you other whiners and complainers trying to avoid your responsibilities need to wake the %$*^ up! Mental health is real and we need to make sure that programs like the OPEN ARMS agency keep their funding so that men like this don’t get left on the streets. #VETSlivesmatter #socialworkadvocacy #socialworkersmustspeaktruth”
Questions to Answer
What about Rashad’s posts and actions were ethical or unethical? Professional or unprofessional?
What does the Code of Ethics say about actions like Rashad’s? (Cite specific standards, values, and principles from the Code of Ethics)
What could be some of the unintended consequences that come from Rashad’s posts?
In what ways can social workers utilize social media as professionals? How is the usage of social media as a professional different than how it is utilized in a social worker’s personal life?

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Quantitative Research Study Critique

Please use the Learning Resources to support your response (i.e., cite and reference). APA style. You used the best reference to answer the question.This what the teacher is asking to be answer on the discussion that what was complete . I have provided the attach discussion post which you provided for the class. You are using the Pre-test/Post-test control group design to control external and internal threats on the outcome of employee performance. (DV) 1. What specific timing controls would you use for the independent variable ( your intervention) when a group is exposed to it.

2. How does this technique help to mitigate threats of external validity?

This is second part for discussion board

Respond to two colleagues by:

• Comparing the threats of internal validity they chose with the ones you chose

• Suggesting ways in which one of their identified threats could be eliminated or its effects reduced when conducting a study1 colleague discussion post

is important to determine the internal and external validity of a study. Internal validity refers to the amount of confidence the researcher has that there are no other factors that accounted for changes in the dependent variable other than the independent variable. (Yegidis, 2017, p. 119). External validity refers to the extent to which findings apply beyond cases that were actually studied to their population (Yegidis, 2017, p. 122).

There are different threats to internal validity. One of the ways is the testing effects, which is the way that a test is given can affect the outcome and validity of a study. According to Yegidis, “Participants can learn from or be otherwise influenced by the process of completing a questionnaire or other measure-ment procedures” (Yedigis, 2017, p. 119). Another factor that can cause a threat to internal validity is history. An event sometimes occurs during the course of a research study that might have a major effect, possibly a much greater effect than the intervention (Yegidis, 2017, p. 119). An event might be a natural disaster such as a tornado or tsunami. It could also be an event in the participants life like a change in work schedule. These factors can cause anxiety or other emotional change that can affect the outcome of the study. When examining the list of designs, the classical experimental design is the best at controlling threats to internal validity. This design is known for doing a good job of controlling the possible effects of confounding variables (Yedigis, 2017, p. 113). There is no pre-test given that can affect the participants view or behavior in the study, and there is a random assignment of participants for each experimental group. This way ensures more internal validity by not swaying the participants in any way, and the data is still tracked by a pre-test and post-test.

Resource:Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W., [supanova_question]

Quantitative Research Study Critique

Sociology Assignment Help Assignment: Quantitative Research Study Critique

As you may recall, evidence-based practice relies on best available evidence, which is drawn from current research studies. But, just because a research study is published, it doesn’t mean it is without flaw. Social workers must make value determinations every time they interact with research they may apply to practice.

Imagine that you are a practicing social worker and encounter a question, issue, or challenge on which you need to learn more. You search in the social work literature and find a quantitative study on the topic. As you read it, you ask critical questions, closely analyze how the study was framed and conducted, monitor efforts toward validity, and ultimately decide whether to integrate the information in practice.

For this Assignment, you replicate this process of critical evaluation by critiquing a quantitative research study.To Prepare:

• Review the Learning Resources on critical reading and critique/evaluation.

• your Instructor has provided article

• Read the research article with a critical eye, taking notes and considering how the study was conducted.

• Download the Critique Template in the Learning Resources for use in this Assignment. A 3-page critique of the peer-reviewed research study you have chosen from those provided by your instructor. In your Assignment, be sure to identify and evaluate the following, as described in the template:

• Title and Authors

• Literature Review

• Strategy of Research (Descriptive, Exploratory, Explanatory)

• Methodological Approach and Design

• Threats to Internal Validity

• Application to Practice

o Based on your critique of this study, is this social work intervention or knowledge safe to integrate into your practice? Why or why not?

Use the Learning Resources to support your critique. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list. I am assigning the below article. Be sure to use the template provided. You are required to address ALL prompts for this assignment as outlined in the instruction. A Critique Template has been provided to you in this week’s resource section on the course shell.

Please enter your responses under each heading. Be sure to remove the instructions. You must address all the questions. Find attached the article you will be using for this critique. If you are unable to retrieve it, you can also access the article using Walden’s Library. I have provided the citation below.

Solness, C. L., Kroska, E. B., Holdefer, P. J., [supanova_question]

Scholars will apply social work ethical values and develop a community needs assessment survey and stakeholder questionnaire for the

Scholars will apply social work ethical values and develop a community needs assessment survey and stakeholder questionnaire for the community service-learning project by scoring 80 or better on the assignment.

This is all the instructions given. It is not an essay. You have to find out the community’s needs by creating a needs assessment survey and stakeholder questionnaire. I google what it was, and I am still unsure. I provided a link that talks about it and gives an example.[supanova_question]

You will need to write out your responses in complete sentences. Your responses should